From Carol Tuttle’s free e-book

Looks of the Four Types-for examples watch the Beauty Prole course at

Type 1 – for examples of Type 1 facial features, watch the Beauty Prole course at


Overall quality of physical expression: animated, youthful cute.

Bone structure creates circles and points of a star, features asymmetrical or random.

Skin texture—Type 1 fresh and youthful. Freckles, small moles randomly on the skin, blemishes and reddening (blushing) of the skin are all Type 1 skin features.

Face Shape —Circular or heart shaped.

Cheeks—Circles, what we call apple cheeks. Dimples

Nose—A circle shape on the tip. Button nose. A point of a star which can been seen on the tip. (Meryl Streep has a point of a star nose.)Energy moves upward, so a turned up nose is a Type 1 nose. A Type 1 nose also tends to be smaller in size.

EyeBrows—Come to a point right over the eye, or are half circles.

Eyes – round, pop-out with a sparkle or light, Smiling eyes. Whole face smiles.

Hands – Chubby, cherubby, small. Short, and short nailbeds.

Type 2: Overall impression – blended, softened. Bone structure, long s-curves, ovals.

Skin- soft, subtle, blended skin tones. Free of wrinkles and lines so look younger when ageing. Subtle skin and fewest ageing wrinkles of all types. ”Drapes beautifully and softly over the bone structure”. Typically has very low and subtle constrast in their skin and hair coloring.

Faceshape: oval. Cheeks: long s-curve, elongated or dropping, ”hush puppy”-cheeks.

Nose – soft on top, medium-size, s-curve on side and/or nostrils.

Eyebrows – half oval, long s-curve, very long, not very high arch

Eye: big almond-shaped, doo eyes, dreaming, droopy or heavylidded eyelids.

Hands: soft, long fingers, tapers toward nails, oval nailbeds.






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