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Carol Tuttle states her system is NOT – A color only typing system -A body shape, body type system: rectangulars, pear-shapes and so on. – A system where your hair color, skin color a.s.o. determines what looks good on you – A system divided in seasons: spring, summer etc. –  A system suitable to special age groups – A system wearing diffrent clothes in diffrent times of year – A system for only certain women.



Key Words

My first results: Type 1: 14, Type 2: 21, Type 3: 15, Type 4: 2

type 1 ( ) Active Airy Amusing Animated Asymmetical, Beaming, Bright, Buoyant, Beaming, Carefree, Casual, Candid, Charming, Careful, Cheerful, Crisp, Effervescent, Enchanting, Energetic, Expressive, Exuberant, Exciting,  Flirtatious, Friendly, Fresh, Frolicsome, Funloving, High-spirited, Idyllic, Imaginative, Informal, Ingenious, Innocent, Inventive, Joyeuse, Jubilant, Light, Lively, Lyrical, Newness, Perky, Pert, Pixie, Playful, Precocious, Radiant, Rapturous, Refreshing, Renewing, Sassy, Simple, Shiny, Spirited, Sprightly, Sprinkling, Stylish, Twinkling, Uncomplicated, Vibrant, Vital, Vivacious, Vivid, Warm, Youthful, Zestful,

Type 2 Blended, Careful, Classical, Careful, Comfortable, Composed,  Conscientious, Composed, Courtly, Consistent, Demure,  Delicate, Detailed, Dignified, Diplomatic, Dreamy, Elegant, Ethereal, Exacting,  Exquisite, Fastidious, Fine, Finesse, Finished look, Flowing, Fluid, Gentleness, Graceful, Harmonized, Innocent, Heavenly, Intrigate, Inviting, Lavish, Lushious, Lovely, Luxurious, Meticulous, Modest, Muted, Mysterious, Neat, Penetrating, Picturesque, Placid, Pleasing, Poised, Prudent, Quaint, Queenly, Refined, Relaxed, Retiring, Romantic, Semi-formal, Sensitive, Serene, Silky, Soft, Simple, Soothing, Suave, Subtle, Sumptuous, Sweet,  Traditional, Warmness,  Well-groomed, Wise

Type 3 – Active, Adventurous, Ambitious, Angled, Assured, Assymetrical, Big-hearted, Captivating, Confident, Casual, Daring, Dazzling, Dashing, Dynamic, Earthly, Eloquent, Energetic, Exciting, Exotic, Expressive, Fiery, Flamboyant, Glowing, High-spirited, Hot,  Independent, Industrious, Informal, Intense, Inventive, Lavish, Lustrous, Magnetic, Mover and Shaker, No frills, No fuss,  Ornate, Outgoing, Outstanding, Positive, Practical, Powerful, Purposeful,  Quick, Resourceful, Richness, Rough, Rugged Rustic, Self-Confident,  Sharp, Showy, Social, Solid, Spicy, Spirited, Strong, Substantial, Sultry, Sure, Swift, Tawny, Tenacious, Textured, To the point, Uneveness, Vigorous, Vitality, Vivid, Voluptious, Warmth, Wild, Zesty.


Type 4 -Alluring, Astute, Black and White, Bold, Captivating, Chic, Classic, Clean, Clear, Commanding, Concise, Conservative, Contemporary, Contrasting, Cool, Cultured, Defined, Designer look, Dignified, Diplomatic, Discret, Distinctive, Distinguished, Dramatic, Elite, Enticing, Exotic, Extravagant, Extrem, Formal, Impressive, Independent, Lavish, Look of wealth, Majestic, Mesmerizing,  Moderate, Modern, Mysterious, Neat, Noble, Notable, Opulent, Poised, Polished, Precise, Professional, Proper, Queenly, Refined, Reflective, Regal, Scintillating, Serene, Sleek, Serious, Smooth, Sophisticated, Stark, Statesque, Still, Striking, Strong, Stunning,  Styleized, Suave, Tailored, Thorough, Tranquil, Vivid, Vogue, Well-structured, Zealous.



the Four types of Women (this is NOT a color analysis system) – but useful anyway. DRESSING YOUR TRUTH – Discovering your Personal Beauty Profile.


Carol Tuttle divides Women in four groups, thus:

1. BRIGHT – ANIMATED = like Nitrogene (Kväve N) Air

2. SOFT – SUBTLE = like Oxygene (Syre O) Water

3. RICH – DYNAMIC = like Hydrogene ( Väte H) Fire

4. BOLD – STRIKING = like Carbon(Kol C) Earth

Chara’s comments: the elements presented at each type could be seen as rather arbitrary. Fire for example need Oxygen to flare. And Air consists of both Nitrogene, Hydrogene AND Oxygene. Carbon is a very earthy element that exists in all bodily, material life. But what is typical of Nitrogene  only and Hydrogene only? Hydrogene makes me think of Hydrogene lifting air balloons – that is an upward going energy. Carol says type 1 has an upward going energy, so why not call this type Hydrogenic instead of Nitrogenic? Oxygen, type 2, Water: water consists of Oxygen AND hydrogene. What about that? At further thought, I come to think of the green trees, grass and ocean algae that processes oxygene. The Fire Type: my thought is that she seems rather outgoing and expressive. Is Nitrogene not part of the explosive nitroglycerine? That should make her Nitrogenic, rather than hydrogenic? So I would say: Type 1= Airy= Hydrogene, Type 2 Water=flowing, Oxygene (at least for fish). Type 3 =Fiery= Nitrogen (explosive) and type 4 Earthy =Carbon

Primary Movement:  Type One -Upward and Light, Type 2. ..Type 3.. Type 4:

Natural Gifts: Type 1: Ideas to be realized. Type 2…..Type 3…….Type 4

Dominant Quality: Type 1 Cheerfully lifting up people Type 2………Type 3……Type 4

Beauty word Type 1: cute, Type 2.Beautyful Type 3: Hot, Type 4…………

Thought and Feeling processes:

Type 1:  Quick, spontaneus. Radiant, light, brilliant. Process information so rapidly that may seem to not thinking trough, not taking things seriously. Quick intuition. Think they maybe have to slow down thinking, deciding processes. Organize mind quickly so might appear unorganized. This because movement and life approach seem more random.  Can juggle many things simultaneously. Quick mental organization and highly intuitive and sense possibilities easily.

Type 2: Thoughts and feeling follow steady process that connect and make sense. Need lot of details to make up these connections in mind. To make decisions, need questions answers and  details gathered. Put details together to see result. Change slowly. Thinking  through information details before choosing if change is an option. Think ahead.

Type 3: Swift and deliberate. Compartmentalizing thoughts to keep track of all your ongoing activities. Move easily between compartments without loosing concentration as they all have a purpose. Have the confidence not to read instruction manuals before doing something. Think first of results before thinking of the means to getting there. Move quickly into action.

Type 4: Deep, reflecting, far-reaching and penetrating. Don’t like superstition. Seek causes and correlations and to understand laws of life. Clear thinker. Organizing thought efficiently and thoroughly in mind so can move within a structural framework where can be at ease. Take in lots of information and …….. what is of value.Soft-hearted, deep, tender, and reveal reluctantly thoughts and feelings only to trusted people. Empatizing. Deep committments.

Personality Traits

Type 1:

Type 2:

Type 3:

Type 4: Your own authority. Ohter authoroties if trustworty experts that can guide.  Otherwise don’t ask them and don’t ask for their suggestions, specially if they know less than yourself about the topic and know how can do it better. Keen foucs make you stay on course. Demanding perfection. Expect the best from others. Holding high standards. Crystal clear, focused determination. r. Type 4s have a keen focus so you stay on course easily. You also demand perfection and want things to be the best they can be. As a Type 4, you expect the best from others and hold a high standard. Move forward with crystal clear, focused determination. Element of carbon/earth, pillar of strength, taking things (sometimes) too seriously or literally.  Don’t like limelight,  but when you choose it, you’re effective in inuencing others.









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