Rimmel – att kolla upp och sortera.




rated 3.83.8 Lippies   37 Reviews   72% will buy again
These took a few months to get to the US, and I knew I wanted shade 107 because it’s so popular in the UK. I found a larger display at Walgreens, but there is also a smaller display which only has 5-6 shades. What’s different between these and the original Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipsticks is a matte red tube, the scent is now a melon (or watermelon), read full review

Dec 8 2013

rated 4.54.5 Lippies   38 Reviews   84% will buy again
God this is beautiful. The colour is gorgeous and bright but still elegant {not overdone}. Even in daytime it’s nice. . I look so nice in this. I feel so good in this. And it’s VERY pigmented and smooth. There’s nothing ~negative~ to say. Really, I’m scanning my brain trying to come up with even one tiny fault, just to mar this rave review, but…nada. Even the fragrance is pretty {I bet lots of ppl probably dislike Rimmel’s lipstick perfume, but I love it}. . Oh and you can apply it and then wipe it off and get a nice stain that looks so natural and English-Rose-esque, orrrr you can just put it on normally, and either way it’s amazing. Sometimes I even use it as a blush {apply the lightest dot with my finger, then blend with moisturizer…}. Don’t need lip liner, it’s like…perfect without it. Gives a red lip that isn’t high-maintenance and takes barely a few moments in the morning to perfect. (pertiegurlie, 4/3/2010) <<

Dec 1 2013




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