Essie Nagellack

Essie Wicked –

foto Essie Damsel in a Dress Polishes 4.4 14 78%
foto Essie Chocolate Cakes Polishes 4.5 2 100%
foto Essie Bordeaux Polishes 4.5 76 88%
foto Essie It’s Genius Polishes 3.9 16 50%
foto Essie Aperitif Polishes 4.6 11 81%
foto Essie After Sex Polishes 4.6 73 91%
foto Essie Handle with Flair Polishes 3.8 11 54%
foto Essie First Dance Polishes 5.0 4 100%
foto Essie Bold and Beautiful Polishes 4.7 9 77%
foto Essie Red Nouveau Polishes 3.3 3 33%
Essie Raisinnuts Polishes 4.8 8 100%
foto Essie Turning Heads Red Polishes 4.0 2 50%
foto Essie Escapades Polishes 4.3 6 83%
foto Essie Poor Lil Rich Girl Polishes 3.8 12 58%
foto Essie Who’s she red Polishes 5.0 3 100%
foto Essie Big Bag Theory Polishes 4.8 4 100%
foto Essie Urban Express Polishes 5.0 2 100%

Essie Berry Hard – bilder

This polish looks lovely on short nails but you do have to be patient and apply at least 2 coats to get an opaque finish. The first coat always goes on streaky.

Berry Hard is my favorite, go-to toenail polish. It’s a deep, true berry, like a plump, ripe berry just waiting to burst! It can chip quickly, but no more than any other brand in its price point. It’s not brown-red like Wicked, but closer to a deep, red berry, which is why I like it. I wear all four seasons. Love this color, will cry deeply if they discontinue it!

The color is a gorgeous deep cool burgundy red which looks very sophisticated. The glossy finish is awesome too. But I think the brush could be improved and it’s not chip resistant at all, it doesn’t look fine even the next day ...

This is the first (and last!) Essie nail polish I have. Thank God I did not pay for this, it was a gift on a magazine I bought.

The colour is gorgeous! I was not so sure when I saw it on the bottle, but on my nails it is stunning.

BUT beauty aside, it is a BIG FAT FAILURE! Nail polish is supposed to stay on the nail, right? At least 24 hours? This chips by itself. It chips even in my sleep! I use the Mavala 002 Base coat, 2 coats of this and SV Top. I read a magazine, play on the computer, go to sleep and the next day guess what? Yes, goodmorning chip…Just to add, I have moved to SV Clear base and the results are still the same. On the other hand, the same combo of base and top coat paired with OPI’s Big Apple Red just becomes one with my nails, short cut, almost to the point of drawing blood so tip-wrapping is not an option for OPI. . I could honestly wear them to a night-out. Essie can take lessons on the formula from OPI’s BAR

This nail lacquer is the perfect vampy shade of red for the Fall and Winter months. I would say that it falls into the wine/blood red/burgundy/berry (hence the name) color family. It’s a sexy shade that looks very sophisticated on short to mid-length nails. The color alone is very glossy without a top coat, and quite chip resistant once a top coat is applied. I think it’s also very office appropriate. Overall, it’s a great shade that can be worn by women of all ages.

: Normal, Fair, Cool Hair: Blond, Straight, Medium Eyes: Brown

This color t is very similar to Essie Masquerade Belle & OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s Barbeque.
Very subtle differences between the colors...Masquerade Belle being the darkest and Berry Hard being the lightest…Mrs. O’Leary falling the middle. You could also compare to Essie’s Wicked…but not quite as dark. The perfect color. Flattering on just about everyone.

not a big fan of this one. i LOVE the color in the bottle but to get an opaque application i needed three coats  and by that time the color started to look more brown than i wanted.  besides being streaky it was also really thin which made it difficult to control. I just tried to apply this, got annoyed, and switched to OPI’s I’ve got the blues for red which made me realize how much i appreciate the opi brush and quality.

Polishes – Essie – Very Structured

imageimage 0image 1

Although it is brown, it’s a red leaning brown (think of a brick). Looks good on my skin even though I seriously need a tan. Like all Essies it I got it home and put it on my nails and I was not exactly upset, but certainly surprised. The polish went on very evenly and was easy to apply, but when a looked at my nails, they were chocolate brown! Not even a tiny bit of pink. I’m not big into unconventional nail colors like this one,s. But if this is your kind of color, it is an excellent nail polish.

This is a really nice color for fall, sort of a ”deep neutral.” It’s like a mix of cocoa brown and brick red – I want to call it ”cinnabar.It’s a deep color but not bright and would probably be appropriate even as a polish to wear to work. It was a bit streaky after 1 coat but became opaque after 2 coats (though I don’t apply polish very thinly… if you do, you might need 3 coats).

I love the color and after a couple of days I have no wear on most fingers, and only minor tip wear on a couple of fingers. S

This is the first color of Essie I ever purchased. I saw swatches of Very Structured and I had to have it. The color is unlike anything else I have, a midpoint between terra-cotta and light brown, which looks very tailored without being too conventional.

It looks very good against my pale-cool skin,
The packaging for Essie polishes is pretty good. The brush gives me good drag-free application, and I think I have more control than with most other brand’s brushes.
I don’t find that the wear is as good as OPI or Sally Hansen Complete. I get more tip wear and peeling sooner with Essie than those two brands at the same price point. Still, when there’s a very unique, have-to-have-it color, I’m happy to save my pennies up and splurge on Essie.

I found this colour to be very deceiving. In the bottle it is gorgeous muted brownish orange…a colour which is very popular this fall/winter. But once applied it looks like a mucky brownish red. It stays this colour in all different lighting as well…I was hoping it would be more orange under bright lighting.


One of the best Essie bottles I own. Great formula, ironically it’s easy to apply, no streaks. Pretty much applies itself. It’s not too runny nor thick, it’s just wonderful.

Essie fall 2011 line. It goes on darker than it appears in the bottle. In the bottle it looks like a burnt sienna. On my nails it is a medium warm brown with definate orange leaning toward sienna. I like it. It’s a unique color. I got opaque coverage with just one coat (I was in a hurry and didn’t want to wait for 2 coats to dry). I do like essie’s formula. Worth purchase price because it is a very unique color. I have the color carry on from this collection too.

This is a beautiful dark, burnt sienna shade (the perfect polish shade for fall/winter). I agree with other users that it does go on darker than it looks in the bottle. I get a nice opaque finish in 2 coats, and the wear is 4-6 days for me.

a deep burnt orange, from Essie’s fall 2011 collection.

Essie Sherling Darling: Mörk Bordeaux

foto Essie Shearling darling Polishes 4.5 2 100%

Essie Bordeaux: bilder

fotofoto Essie Bordeaux Polishes 4.5 76 88%
imagePolishes – Essie – Jelly Apple

A classic quintessential red. Jelly Apple has a lovely formula that practically

applies itself, and a lovely deep, glassy shine that makes it more interesting to me

than a regular creme or shimmer finish red. The red color is very flattering;

since my skin is warm-toned, blue-toned reds look absolutely awful

on me, and at first coat I was afraid this polish would be one of them,

but at the 3-4 coats to opacity the blue-leaning tint of the polish

disappears completely.

I love this color! It is the quintessential coral or orange

undertones, it is great against my skin color.

I don’t usually like reds without depth (think CG Ruby Pumps

or OPI I’m not a Waitress)…but this is just so sexy and looks so great,

One of the best reds, for sure! It’s bright & cheery candy

with a jelly/creme finish (crelly?).

It’s more red than one of my other favorites—Essie’s Russian Roulette,

which is just as bold but leans a little more orange if I remember correctly.

The formula is excellent and smooth,

with the first coat turning out pinkish & slightly sheer,

and a second bringing out the luscious, glossy, opaque red.

I could see it flattering any skin tone.

Jelly Apple couldn’t be a more perfect name.

Other, Other Eyes: Other

Upping my rating because this is a shiny cherry red lovely classic color,

great for travel. Only giving it 4 because it seems to chip/have tip wear

pretty quickly. But maybe I didn’t use a great base coat, I don’t recall.

(old portion: It is a nice juicy pinkish red, a soft cherry color.

First coat is pink, 2d is more red but it isn’t a pure red.)

Jelly Apple is my current pedi color, and I love it! It’s a bright red polish

with a jelly finish, so it looks shiny and squishy.

It’s a tad redder than Essie Lollipop, which has a little

more orange in it.

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rated 5 of 5 mneme on 2/7/2010 3:52:00 AM More reviews by mneme

Age: 25-29 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

I have the mini size of this polish. The brush was small but perfectly sized. This is a bright medium red jelly. The formula is excellent, thin but not runny – one coat was sheer but very even, two coats was just right (I normally use 3 coats with polish, but this one didn’t need it.) Also had a very fast dry time. 🙂

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rated 4 of 5 audraelena on 12/17/2009 5:27:00 PM More reviews by audraelena

Age: 30-35 Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

This is a nice, universally flattering red. It doesn’t lean too warm or cool and IMO it’s a color that can be worn in any season. The wear was good, the application was good, and I like this polish a lot overall. I do have other red cremes that I like just a tad more than this one. Misa Cherry Topping is my *perfect* red jelly polish.

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rated 5 of 5 top reviewermissy24680 on 5/24/2009 5:44:00 PM More reviews by missy24680

Age: 25-29 Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Brunette, Other, Other Eyes: Green

Best red red red red ….love it!

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rated 5 of 5 LondonKazza on 5/19/2009 6:22:00 AM More reviews by LondonKazza

Age: 30-35 Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

One of my HG varnishes! This colour looks great on my (pale) skin – its the best red I have found and Essie is very long lasting. When I have had a professional mani and they use Essie I know its going to last almost a week which I think is very impressive!

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Essie Leading Lady

Leading Lady is a dark red jelly packed with red glitter.  reminded me of Essie’s Ruby Slippers, which I love! The glitter in this was gorgeous out in the sun and it gave the polish amazing depth in the shade and indoors. If you like red glitters this is one you will definitely want to grab if you find it! The formula was great, really nice opacity, fully opaque in 2 coats. It was a little gritty and dull looking when it dried, I needed a couple coats of top coat to get it smooth and shiny.

Deep red jelly with brighter red, square, medium small glitter. Pretty colour, with nice contrast between the bright glitter and the deeper red base. Application is good, opacity in two coats, no issues with the glitter being hard to place or dragging, good glitter suspension, and good glitter-to-base ratio. Dry surface is a little gritty, but a top coat fixes most of that.

deep dark base colour with pretty red glitter particles.
perfect for christmas but anytime over the colder months will do too.
a lovely glossy finish, very pretty but an absolute PITA ??? to remove (like any glitter polish really).

I bought this as a mini-size together with Beyond Cozy and Snap Happy, now I almost wished I’d bought the full size!
Applies easily in 2 thin coats and produces a dark-ish raspberry colour with jelly finish and fine red sparkles – very Christmassy.
Lasted an entire week on my nails

This polish is okay I think, the formula is fine and applies pretty well but I did not like the texture of the polish and I don’t think it it was flattering on me personally, it looked like glittery raspberry jam on my fingers and seemed messy even though . I’ve seen it look nice on others but it seems like its one of those polismy app and clean up were neat….just not a color for me personally. Seen it look nice on others.  requires a lot of work to make it look good (IE layering gelous over it to combat that icky bumpy messy texture) and I don’t like it enough to put in the extra work. I can think of tons of glittery reds that are way way way better.

I could not resist this shade in Target! I just love it! A perfect, holiday red color with sizable pieces of glitter, but not overly chunky. Very glittery and pretty. You need at least 2 coats so the shade is truly opaque.

Essie – Scarlett O’Hara


A member of a crowd with no originality or voice of his own. One who speaks or repeats only what he has been told

I’ve been lemming this color for a while, despite the hysterical, nonsensical rant, below, concerning its namesake. This red is gorgeous, deep, and rich. It’s like wearing rubies on your fingertips (or toetips). The formula was fine—-didn’t streak nor goop, and dried pretty quickly. The consistency was very good.

If you’re looking for an orange-red or a vampy blood color, Scarlett O’Hara isn’t the one.

But if you want a luscious, deep gemlike red,  

A nice polish with an attractive finish, pretty good wear, and lovely color. And it’s great for water marbling.  Yet despite being a red frost, this polish is not actually very tacky at all. It’s cute and inoffensive. You couldn’t wear it to a paper-pushing job, thing full of formaldehyde and

Essie’s ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ is a gorgeous metallic red with berry undertones. Very pleased with the depth of color  Will try OPI’s ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’ to make a comparison and repurchase whichever looks best with my pale skin.

I’m so over frosty reds like this. This polish chipped easily on my short nails. Other polishes have held up much longer. Total disappointment.

A sexy, opaque, alluring color. After just one coat, my nails were completely covered. I love the name, and I love Essie! My new favorite polish, over all of my OPI collection (which I love).

Polishes – Essie – Limited Addiction


rated 5.09 reviews)

Very nice deep classic red. Being a DDD, NW45 for reference.

I usually only wear some sort of dark red. For the past year, I have been wearing Essie Bordeaux. I decided to try something that is a more true, deep red, and settled on Limited Addition.

As everyone has said, everything about this polish is perfect: the formula, the color, the shine.

I have warm skin tone, and I feel reds that are neutral or slightly cool look the best on me. Limited Addiction is very sophisticated and elegant. IMO, it is probably as dark as a red can go without going vampy or burgundy.
Wear time is excellent for me. I can easily make it 2 weeks on my toes without any chip.

I used up Limited Addiction about one and a half year ago, stuffed it away when it had gotten thick, and then when I bought my first thinner this summer I revived it.

my favorite red had been Essie A List (also extremely beautiful, especially matched with something blue). When I first tried Limited Addiction again I changed my mind immediately. There is something about this red that is just perfect, the application is flawless and it has an amazing shine. The strange thing is that I have another red in a shade that looks exactly the same, Zoya Alix, but which doesn’t come close to the depth and shine of Limited Addiction.

I have stopped looking for a sophisticated red for my nails. I am yellow tone and this red, though described as cool tone by some, suits me perfectly. It is the perfect sophisticated red, not to dark that you cannot see the red and not to red that screams from attention. And it lasts. Highly recommended.

This really is a perfect red! Because it is slightly darker and blue-toned, it looks very professional and not too young. (Like some candy-apple reds do.) I actually felt comfortable wearing this to work.

Application was a dream. I only needed 1-2 coats. I think it is actually a creme, but has a slightly squishy, jelly-ish feel to it, which gives it some depth on the nail, and makes it more interesting. Gorgeous colour, would definitely repurchase.

Fingers or toes this color rocks. Essie combined a rich opaque in jelly form. I’ve found my ”red”. However as goes with any dark nail polish, make sure to pamper your talons before and paint in a well lit room. I attempted to do this with just the TV on and it rendered some pretty obvious mistakes. Oh well, nothing another coat and some Seche Vite can’t fix.

I doubt there could be a sexier red nail polish than this one. It’s a blood red with a dark twist. It applies very smoothly and lasts 5-6 days without chipping. 11/10, highly recommended.

Limited Addiction:

Above swatch is a courtesy of Essie Limited Addiction is a semi dark red that looks so sexy and yet sophisticated. This is the perfect red nail polish.  The application is very smooth with no major problems. I only use 2 coats of application to get that sexy dark red color. It lasted about 6-8 days on my nails with Sache Vite’s rapid fast top coat. The wear is great with a small chip along the tip of my nails that I would need to see it closely. This is one of those colors that everyone need, a perfect red that is not too orange or blue based. Just a semi dark red that is also close to the Chanel le vernis in the color Rouge Fatal. I would recommend Essie Limited Addiction for people who want the perfect red cherry color and that also comes with a great wear and an affordable price.

Been searching high and low for a cool deep red that stays put.
Finally found it. Wore it for the last half of winter 2010-2011 with Seche Vite as a topcoat and got compliments constantly. Rarely chipped. Very impressed!

foto Essie Fifth Avenue Polishes 4.6 25 84%

Essie – In Stitches


The colour is gorgeous on my pale skin tone.

It’s a bit vampy without being too goth, and lady-like without

being too fluffy and cute. On my nails it looks like

a deep dusky wine/rose colour. Somewhere between pink and red

but softly muted and grown-up.

As I’ve learnt from Essie polishes, the quality is top notch and it takes

forever to chip. It goes on effortlessly and looks ace even with 1 coat.

This polish is a muted red/pink shade. It looks nice with 2 coats, is easy

to apply, and lasts a long time without chipping. I found this polish easier to

use than some Essies. I didn’t think it looked great with my skin tone,

so I gave it to my mother, who has warmer skin. It looks nicer on her.

On her it’s more pink/mauve, and on me it’s more of a dull red.

This is the perfect next-step from my regular go-to neutral/pastels

I dig cute) to widening my colour palette.

One-coat was all I needed for the colour pay-off I was hoping for.

It has been lasting well (with a top-coat)a

o I am not uber-conservative,

but my nails are not screaming at you either”.
It sits in the sweet spot between grandma (mauvy-brown)

and harlot (rabid red) :).

It’s a mauvy-rose, or a rosy-mauve, depending on the light

you are viewing it in. Opaque in two coats. Drying time average.

Chip-resistance quite good.

One of my very favourite Essie colours. Perfect for the fall, as it is quite neutral.

It is a pink-brown mix that is quite matte, and looks lovely

with any sort of make up (except perhaps rainbow eyeshadow…

It looks great with one coat, and even better with two.

I put the Luxe Effects ”A Cut Above” on top,

and it really adds a bit of glitz and glam to my nails.I work in Cosemtics and

constantly have clients comment on what a nice colour I have on my nails!

Don’t forget to pair it with a base and top coat, I recommend that with ANY polish, no matter how ”good” or ”expensive”

I’m pretty happy with the color. However, I’m not a huge fan of

the amount of coats that it takes for me to get a really nice-manicure style finish.

Also, it takes forever to dry!

It took so long for this to dry, the formula and the brush don’t work well together… I thought 2 coats was enough but both times I have tried to apply this I have had to take it off. I will make a final attempt with three coats when I have plenty of time. But for me, while the colour is amazing it hasn’t been a hit because it’s not a nice consistent colour across the nail, and even after an hour or so of waiting time and a top coat, it was too wet to stay smooth on my nails. Urgh.

n: Combination, Other, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Hazel

In some lights it looks like a dusty pink, in others a muddy red/maroon.

It low light I can almost mistake it for a vampy red.

It probably crosses the line into granny territory

but I kind of like ‘granny-chic’ so don’t mind 😉.

I really like it as a autumn/winter wear-with-anything kind of colour.

I like the formula of Essie nail polishes and I find that two coats is more than enough. I also find that a top coat is unnecessary as the polish

gives a nice finishing shine. It also doesn’t chip as easily as other brands.

As for the colour, I find it to be a nice mix of pink, coral and greyish tones. A great colour to wear if you have medium/tan/olive skin.


I love this colour and the formula too. It’s a medium raspberry with a creme finish that would be perfect for both cool/warm tones. It has a slight jelly-like finish and the semi-thick formula only required two coats for full opacity.

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Polishes – Essie – Shearling darling

imageimage 0

Gorgeous Merlot/Oxblood color. I bought the Winter 2013 minis collection w/ Shearling Darling, Toggle the Top, Mind your Mittens and Sable Collar. This one is def. my favorite and can be used year round (if you’re into darker colors). Good for toes too!

A nice deep burgundy wine shade that’s perfect for fall. It applies opaque with one coat; however, I applied two coats.

Polishes – Essie – A-List

image 1image 2

This is an extremely flattering shade of red for my fair and warm skin tone. A lot of people say it’s blue-based, but on me the shade is clearly a warm one, a slightly brownish apple red. There are no obvious hints of blue nor orange, which I like, since I was looking for a true red. The shade is very close to Bordeaux, but lighter. So far, A-list, Bordeaux and Mademoiselle have been my favorites from Essie, all of them very classic and suitable for every season and occasion.

I always apply two coats, which gives me complete opacity. The first coat isn’t fully opaque and looks more blueish than the finish after the second coat. Two coats looks pretty much like the stuff looks in the bottle. The consistency is excellent, the application is super easy and there’s no streaking whatsoever. The finish is smooth, glossy and luxurious. I’ve had a much harder time with Bordeaux, so this is definitely superior in the formula department. A-list is a great choice, go for it!

Revy 2:

I’ve wanted this polish for ages (probably going on 10 yrs!) but there has always seemed to be another color to try.It’s a beautiful medium-deep red creme, very rich and luscious looking on the nail. It applies really smoothly and requires two coats for full opacity. The red leans a little to the blue side, and since I usually gravitate to a more orange-y red (but A-List is still a total winner.

Revy 3:

Sexy, sophisticated and classy! This is the red that the old school movie sirens would have worn. Marilyn, Sophia & Ava. The classy gals like audrey & grace would have worn this as well. It truly is the holy grail of reds. Perfect color and shine. You won’t be able to stop looking at how elegant this makes your fingers look.

Essie Wrapped in Rubies Polishes 4.7 13 100%
foto Essie Angora Cardi Polishes 4.2 38 60%
foto Essie Bahama Mama Polishes 3.8 38 57%

Polishes – Essie – Skirting the Issue


I got this polish on sale at TJ Maxx, and I’m glad I bought it on sale. It is a terrible formula, even though the color is so beautiful. The polish is a jelly dark red shade that is perfect for fall. It is terribly streaky, and doesn’t apply evenly at all. It has chipped after 24 hours and seems to get less even as time goes on, if that is even possible. I used two coats of it and it seemed pretty opaque, but they were thicker coats. I topped it with Seche for reference. This polish is a color I’d love to have in my collection but the formula is god awful.

Age: 19-24 Skin: Sensitive, Other, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, Other Eyes: Blue

I really love the colour of this polish, but I cannot really get past the bad formula. I have gotten this colour done a few times and it lasts a long time and looks fantastic, but once I did it myself I had a hard time. It goes on very thin (which is understandable for a jelly), but gave me a lot of bald spots and kept erasing itself. This is a good colour if you have a lot of experience in nail painting!


I wrote this review almost a year ago, and this has become one of my favourite polishes. It took me a few times to truly figure out how to apply this, but you have to use thinner coats to get this to work well. It stays on really well and looks great with a shinier top coat. This is a really good colour if you love wearing deeper reds, or are looking to add one to your collection. This is slightly lighter than Essie ‘Wicked’.

Age: 44-55 Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Cool Hair: Brown, Other, Medium Eyes: Hazel

Polishes – Essie – Little Brown Dress

imageimage 0image 1image 2

A rich brown the colour of coffee or maybe a very dark chocolate. Great formula, easy, smooth application and lovely, shiny finish. Looks like a jelly-creme formula, with the nice colour depth of a jelly, but the opacity of a creme. Opaque in two coats for me.

This is a pretty dark polish, but I find that even though it is very dark, it is usually identifiable as not-black even in indirect light. It does look sort of ”warm off-black” in some lighting situations, but I don’t think it ever truly goes into ”yep, that may as well be black” the way some dark polishes do.

Polishes – Essie – Material Girl

imageimage 0image 1

this is a gorgeous color. almost a Chanel dupe for Rouge Noir. the color is deep,

dark and yet light with a base of deep dark blackened red brown. Not a purple in it.

very deep burgundy. multiple coats needed to get opaque, a little streaky,

but not bad over all.


This has got to be my favorite vampy polish, like others have said, it’s fabulously

dark and delicious.  I’m in love with

the formula, the application, and the wear of all the ones I own now,

this one is no exception, it’s fabulous.

On to the color – it’s a super deep, blood/mahogany color that has almost

chocolate hued undertones – it’s a rather complex color.

The formula is one I would consider a jelly. As for application, it applies

smoothly and fills in ridges like most jellies do. It goes slightly opaque in two coats, but completely opaque in three, but the dry-time isn’t bad so it’s easy to do three coats.

The wear on this is very nice, too, it’ll stay put for four days

only showing tip wear and after that, it gets to where I can peel it off

or take it off easily with remover, no problem. Also, there’s no issue with staining

that I have noticed with other reds and deep colors, great! I would repurchase this,

as it’s perfect for the fall.

Material Girl is my favorite ‘vampy’ nail polish. It is a deep, dark blood red

that manages to actually BE red visually (not like many other vampy polishes

that ‘might as well be black’) under indoor and outdoor lighting.

Application is good. I usually apply 2-3 coats to eliminate streaks,

and with a top coat the wear is excellent. Despite the darkness of it,

I actually think this color appropriate for all kinds of settings and occassions.

This is an amazing color. Love love love it! So sexy and modern.

Looks just like WICKED, but I believe it has more of a deep, red/brown

hue instead of just a brown.

With dark colors it can be difficult because of chipping,

but Essie nail polish always lasts a long time!!

I love this color! Almost identical to Essie Wicked.

To the naked eye, honestly, I could not tell the difference between this

and Wicked at the store, when holding them side by side. I think I must have

decided this one was a teeny bit deeper,

chose this one. Anyway, very gorgeous color, looks like Chanel Vamp,

which I adore. HG color for me. I love the price of Essie polish and the quality

and the quantity (mine tend to get thick before I use them up).



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